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It's Time to Buy a Meraki MR34

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The Meraki MR34 access point is ready to provide unmatched speed and security.  Backed by Meraki’s advanced cloud management dashboard, the MR34 features the new lighting-fast 802.11ac standard, which boasts wireless speeds exceeding 1Gbps.  With 802.11ac, the MR34 also takes advantage of wider 80MHz channels.  This allows the MR34 to take advantage of a larger chunk of available bandwidth, thus boosting overall throughput. The MR34 also has the ability to transmit on the 20 or 40 MHz segment used by 802.11a/b and 802.11n clients, which provides for seamless backward compatibility.  Another perk of the MR34 is a higher QAM. This allows the device to push data with a greater density of information, allowing more information to be transmitted in the same amount of time. 

Beyond the speed boost offered by the MR34, more features have been added. A third radio was added to the MR34 to offer full-time RF scanning allowing a real-time 2.4 and 5 GHz spectrum visualization.  This feature is built in to the Meraki dashboard. The additional radio also scans for rogue APs and protects from packet injection attacks, as well as ensuring the device operates on the frequencies with the least interference.  Other tools such as network visibility and layer 7 firewall are built in as well.  Also, since all Meraki equipment runs on the same centralized cloud-managed environment, the MR34 is fully-integrates with all other Meraki products.