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Meraki MV12N

Meraki MV12N


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MV12N Cloud Managed Fixed Dome Indoor Security Camera

With an unobtrusive industrial design suitable for any setting the MV12N simplifies and streamlines the unnecessarily complex world of security cameras. By eliminating servers and video recorders, MV12N frees administrators to spend less time on deployment and maintenance, and more time on meeting business needs. High-endurance solid state on-camera storage eliminates the concern of excessive upload bandwidth use and provides robust failover protection. As long as the camera has power it will continue to record, even without network connectivity. Historical video can be quickly searched and viewed using motion-based indexing, and advanced export tools allow evidence to be shared with security staff or law enforcement easily.

Product Highlights

• 256GB high write endurance solid state storage

• 1080p video recording with H.264 encoding

• Narrow-angle Fixed Lens with 73° horizontal field of view (FOV)

• Machine-learning-based computer vision executed on-camera

• IR illumination up to 15m or 49ft

• 802.11ac wireless capability

• Integrated Microphone

• Meraki dashboard simplifies operation

• Cloud-augmented edge storage eliminates infrastructure

• Suitable for deployments of all sizes: 1 camera or 1000+

• Intelligent motion indexing with search engine

• Built-in video analytics tools

• Secure encrypted control architecture

• No special software or browser plugins required

• Granular user access controls